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I’m Mike Rodman, the kayak fisherman behind KayakFishingGuide.com, where you’ll find informative articles, tips, and product reviews for the avid kayak angler.

Owning a bass boat and a few Jon boats back in the ’80s in SE Kansas, I fished many local bass tournaments in the region. And also fished across the midwest, chasing largemouth bass and crappie in larger reservoirs and lakes, old abandoned flooded strip pits, and many of the local farm ponds and county lakes.

Two favorite places of mine to fish were Table Rock Lake and Truman Reservoir in Missouri, and snagging spoonbills below Truman Dam in Missouri was also a favorite! I sold all my boats when our family moved to Wyoming in ’88.

Once in Wyoming, I became obsessed with ice fishing and have traveled to numerous States and into Canada, chasing fish through the ice. But over the years, listening to others talk about their Spring and Summer fishing adventures, I missed being on the water and began researching fishing kayaks. I found they were not only economical, but they could also be transported easily into our Wyoming mountain lakes and smaller bodies of water, which larger boats could never possibly access. I decided I was going to own one!

A few years back I purchased an A.T.A.K. 120 sit-on-top fishing yak and began adding accessories and modifying it to fit my needs. I’ve researched and field-tested numerous products and want to share my findings with you in hopes of saving you a lot of time and money.

When I’m not running trains across Wyoming, you’ll find me chasing fish, building custom fishing rods, or writing new articles.

You can view my custom fishing rod work at Rodman Custom Rods.

Wyoming Winters and Off Season

During the Wyoming winters, ice fishing becomes my passion. I am also a member of the Powerstick Team at Clam Outdoors, an industry leader and innovator within the ice fishing industry.

Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Mike Rodman on Lake Winnipeg, Canada – Master Angler Walleye

Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota and Canada, are among some of the northern States I travel to fish through the ice.

Thank you for visiting and have a great time on the water! Have fun and stay safe out there!

-Mike Rodman